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Young, Innocent, and Behind Bars

Children serving time with their mothers in Nepal’s prisons

In Nepal, children may stay with their mother in prison until they are five years old, and many remain longer.

Children living out their young lives in small, dirty prisons, without adequate nutrition, clean water, warm clothing, access to education, appropriate health care, toys, books, or playmates, exposed to violence and other dangers, suffer deep long-term emotional, physical, and psychological effects. At ECDC, we will not stand by silently as these children suffer.

Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)
Saving lives, one child at a time

ECDC has earned the trust of government officials, prison administrators, and incarcerated mothers, and works with them to relocate children from prisons to a loving community at The Butterfly House in Kathmandu. Here the children lead normal lives, attend local schools, enjoy warm clothing, healthy meals, and appropriate health care. Most importantly, these kids receive unconditional love and support. They are growing, learning, thriving!

ECDC is now building a Youth Hostel next to the Butterfly Home for the older children to move into as they move on to college and jobs.

Further, the ECDC team visits prisons around the country to distribute nutritional supplements to pregnant and lactating women, newborn essentials, toys and books, and also implements a health insurance program for the children who continue to live in the prisons.

We welcome your interest and hope that you will join us in helping these children!