Our Work

"No child should grow up behind prison bars" - Pushpa Basnet, Founder

"ECDC began as a children's home to offer a safe place for children in need. But we keep trying to do more. Once Pushpa had established a working model for the children's lodge, she also wanted to help any infants who were too young to come to ECDC, and the inmate mothers themselves. Eventually, when children who had lived at ECDC reached 18 years of age, they too needed additional help for life after the Butterfly Home. We will do as much as we can without compromising the quality and integrity of our work and we will continue our commitment to finding both immediate and long-term solutions for the issues we focus on."

Residential Home

ECDC has been bringing in the children outside from the prison and providing them...

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Prison Outreach Projects

The growing children need to have a well balance diet...

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Young Adult Support

The children at ECDC have their parents so ECDC / Nepal...

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Since the establishment of ECDC , we have been able to help number of women and children and we are not stopping anytime soon.


Nutritional Diet Served
over 28 prisons


Nursery Kit Box Distributed
over 46 prisons


Children Insured



How Pushpa Basnet changed lives of many children
and became a CNN Superhero