• Founding of ECDC

    Pushpa founds the Early Childhood Development Center (Ecdc), registered non-profit in Nepal as daycare center.

  • Residential Home

    Establishment of a residential home and kindergarten program for children ages 2 through 17

  • ELGA Youth Award

    Pushpa is awarded ELGA Youth Award for her contribution in human service by the ELGA Foundation of South Korea

  • CNN Hero

    Pushpa is awarded CNN Hero of the year award.

  • First graduate for SEE

    ECDC children Laxmi passed SEE

  • Waiting for MAMU

    Pushpa's story is told in the documentary "Waiting for Mamu" by the Thomas Morgan and gains interest worldwide.

  • Residential butterfly Home

    Ground Stone laid for the Butterfly Home and construction of a permanent home begins.

  • Earthquake

    In April and May 2015 two Massive earthquakes destroy 60% of the butterfly Home, which was 4 months short of completion.

  • Residentail Butterfly Home moved in

    ECDC children and in-house staff moved in Residential Butterfly home.

  • Kathmandu University enrolled

    ECDC youth laxmi enrolled at Kathmandu University School of fine arts.

  • CNN Super Hero

    Pushpa is awarded the CNN Super Hero.

  • Kids Book Launch at Singapore

    ECDC and Air Amber launched 6 series Butterfly Book with its author's ECDC Children.

  • Youth Building

    Ground stone laid for the Youth Building and construction for permanent home begins.

  • CTEVT enrolled

    ECDC youth Shristi, Sharmila enrolled for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Ophthalmology Science respectively.

  • Butterfly Foundation

    Butterfly Foundation Butterfly Foundation is a Profit-not Distributing Company registered under the Office of Company Registrar – Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies. It was established by the youths of ECDC on 21 Jan, 2019. The objectives of Butterfly Foundation are: -The organization will be profit-not distributing social organization. -Provide former and residential children and youths of ECDC with different capacity building training and facilitate them to provide different activities for entertainment and creativity skills for their mental and emotional well being to inmates living inside the prison. -Provide different life skills and vocational skills to inmates and provide source of income. -Provide children of inmates with vocational skills training for income generation. -Production and promotion of different products made by inmates inside the prison and former inmates.

  • Youth hostel moved in

    ECDC youth Shristi, Sharmila and Laxmi has moved in youth building.

  • TSLC Enrollment

    The offspring of incarcerated parents are a vulnerable group. They are likely to experience trauma, stigma, sense of loss, and uncertainty as a result of the absence of a parent. Likewise, the teenagers after the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) become ‘clueless’ about what to do. If they are provided with some TVET programs so that they get equipped with some skills and orientation to enter the workforce. In this regard, we found the Technical School Leaving Certificate (TSLC) level study program, an 18-month long education program under the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) system to be the most relevant one. ECDC in support from Gorkhaly Foundation have enrolled 3 offspring of incarcerated parents in TSLC degree in Mechanical Engineering at Balaju School of Engineering and Technology (BSET). They are Anad Kumar Chaudhary – 19 Years (Boy) - Sunsari, Parina Khadka – 17 Years (Girl)- Dhading, Sanjita Sarki - 17 Years (Girl)- Ilam.


No mother should have to choose between bringing her children to prison, or abandoning them to the streets. Our mission is to give mothers a better alternative, and to give children a home, a life, and a future. 

ECDC intends to become a place, where the surrounding environment of the child is modified to respond and accommodate to his/her needs, which is hardly available within the prison premises. ECDC facilitates to produce a conducive environment to support the growth and development of each child residing at home, furthermore, fully enhancing each child socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually that may not be possible for the child to develop inside a prison environment. ECDC also supports children who live with their mothers at home but whose fathers are in prison.

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Founded in 2005 by a young Nepali woman named Pushpa Basnet at the age of 21, the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) a registered non-governmental, non-profit organization aims at providing a homely environment for the children living in prison with their parents. This may also mean rescuing the children from serving their parents’ sentences and helping them enjoy their fundamental rights – food, clothes, shelter and education.

In Nepal, there are only a few organizations that work for the welfare of the prisoners and there are hardly any projects operating to look after the children staying in prison along with their parents. Even the government has not allocated any specific budget as such for these innocent children serving the prison sentences of their parents. The need to provide a strong foundation for the construction of their behavior and values of the young inmates is strongly felt, so Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) was founded.

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Many of them have been with us since the beginning, and most for at least a decade.  Because we are a family, we all look after each other, and we all wear many hats. In addition to our president and administrative team, ECDC would not be possible without the devotion of its live-in Aunties and other on-site staff.

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