Butterfly Nursery Kits

Published: Sunday, 10th November, 2019

At any point of time there are around 80-100 children living with their mothers inside the prison since they are very small to be separated from their parents. And bringing in the children to our home is not possible for everyone. Until today, no other agencies have intervened in the education and early childhood development of the children living inside the prison. So, ECDC started Butterfly Nursery Kits which is a completely new and unique initiative, which aims to bring about changes in the lives of the children inside the prison by providing them with learning opportunity through play-way methods. Butterfly Nursery Kits are environmental friendly boxes, which contain wooden toys, various games, children books, learning dolls, art materials and educational supplies. 

ECDC collaborates with the Department of Prison Management to address the situation in the prison and convey the value of this box in early childhood development. There are in total 74 prisons all over Nepal and through this initiative we plan to have Butterfly Nursery Kits Box in every prison. Working closely with the prison authorities, District level Child Officer and mothers inside the prison.

Prior to handing over the materials we offer 1 day-orientation for teaching the use of each and every material that are in the box so that they utilize them in a right way. We encourage the participation of mothers in the initiative and help the children in their exploration to make their mothers realize the role of toys and educational supplies in the growth and development of the children. At the end of the session we will hand over the kits box to the prison staff and the mothers.