Inmates and Prison Support


Inmates and Prison Support

Published: Thursday, 12th September, 2019

During the project (Nutritious Diet, Butterfly Box, Sanitary Pads, etc.) implementation we have visited various prisons and gained firsthand experience on the condition of prisons and inmates. During the visit we are often requested by the prison officials as well as the inmates on some basic needs for support. In general, they request for various sports materials, books for library, some minor repairs and things needed for their daily lives. 

  • Support Inmates in Bail (Release)

Many of the women inmates are from poor economic background. After the sentence period, they have to pay a certain amount of money as per the verdict. Due to their financial situation some of the women are unable to pay and as part of this they tend to overstay in prison to compensate this. To address this problem, ECDC coordinates with the respective prisons in identifying such women and supports in their bail. We do not provide full bail amount but partially support them and also provide some money so that they can go back to their village. 

  • Kitchen Utensils Support

Inside the prison the inmates usually eat in a communal mess. The utensils they use are very old and small. ECDC has been providing the prison with kitchen utensils such as pressure cooker, Glass, Bowl, spoon, mixture, frying pan, cup, sauce pan, dinner plate, Tubs, Tongs, long spoon to support inmates so that they have better equipped kitchen utensils.

  • Mothers Support Program

After the release from the prison most of the inmates start a new life. For this they need some financial support and guidance and ECDC tries to help them in doing so. We provide them with financial support to start a new small enterprise and also link them to trainings for their skill enhancement and financial empowerment


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