School Support Program in Palpa Female Prison

Published: Sunday, 10th November, 2019

In this long journey of ECDC, we have visited around 45 district female prisons all across the county. In our experience we have found that 80% of the female tend to commit crimes due to lack of education. Every girl needs to be educated which helps in building self-confidence and empowering her. Being convicted of a crime, they have case files and due to being uneducated the female cannot even read what is written on it and use finger print instead of a signature. Knowingly or unknowingly they become more vulnerable in this situation. If they were educated they could understand what was written and confront the situation.

During our ongoing support program (Butterfly Box, Nutritious Diet, Women Support) in Palpa Prison we noticed that they have been running basic academic course inside the prison through Shree Bharma Bishma Adarbhut School. The school provides formal education to female inmates from class 1 up to 5. The school provides the same curricula and courses as of any other school and is recognized by the government’s Department of Education. Currently 42 female inmates out of 70 are enrolled in the school and there is a teacher appointed by the government.

The prison has allocated 1 room for the school which is an open room with just a white board and does not resemblance a classroom. It lacks basic facilities and needs renovation. The school has also been receiving yearly operation cost of NRs. 12,000/- from the government which is not very substantial to cover the cost incurred. The school lacks proper record keeping of the student’s profile which needs to be systematic and well documented for future references. They also lack basic stationeries for effective functioning of the school.

It is very important for female to be educated and we want to support the females inside the prison to continue getting the formal education. Due to lack of education they are likely to commit crime again, but with education we believe it can transform their lives and help in reintegrating back in the society once they are released. Having education is the basic foundation for livelihood and independence of any girl so through support in their education we can achieve this We believe, this would ensure that no one is to be deprived of education, and that education of a woman is even more important, wherever and whatever condition they are in. 

For formal education, the physical classroom and its environment conducive to learning are very essential. Realizing this, ECDC has been supporting the school in the renovation of the room and transform it into a classroom. We are also providing annual supply of stationaries and salary for the school teacher through the project.