Youth Residential Home

Published: Sunday, 10th November, 2019

CDC has been providing residential home services to the inmates’ children for the past 12 years. The children at ECDC are from age 1.5 years to 22 years old. As per the ‘Standard for Operation and Management of Residential Child Care Homes, 2012’ – Nepal Government – Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare’ below 18 years are defined as CHILDREN. After 18 years they become youth and we are not allowed to keep them at the Children Home (Butterfly Home). 

The children have been with us for a long time and are growing up and every year 2 to 3 children turn 18 years, but they are still engaged in their higher education. Currently, 3 youths are doing Diploma in Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical and Opthalmic Science and 1 is pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Even though the children are getter older and turning to youths their parents are still inside the prison and we cannot leave these growing elder children. We rather need to provide them with continuous support in their education and help them have a secure future. This is the time period where they need more time to focus on their education and develop future career path. 

Focusing on these growing elder children, ECDC has purchased a small piece of land nearby our current Butterfly Home and have constructeda small house for these growing children turning youths.  The youths will be provided with the continuous support from ECDC and they will also have privacy at the new building which they cannot get at the Children’s Home due to a large number of programs and activities ongoing for children and other factors.