ECDC will collaborate with Department of Prison Management to address the situation in the prison and convey the value of this baby box for the newly born child and their mother. Working closely with the Prison Department and prison authorities, and mothers inside the prison It is seen that every year around 15 child is born inside the prison so we will coordinate with the Central Prison Department to and distribute the box as per the requirements.For the implementation of the project ECDC staff will visit the mother and newly born child in their respective prison and handover the box to them in presence of the local prison authority.

The mothers themselves are unable to fulfill the basic needs for them and at this situation when they give birth to a new born babies the situation is even more critical and vulnerable. At this time both the mother and babies needs special attention and care which they lack inside the prison. At the time of new born babies requires warm clothes; bedding, mattress and other personal care items for healthy upbringing and the mother too need special care and maternal support. Due to the mothers living in jail they cannot provide these requirements and this is a reality.