Butterfly Baby Box


Butterfly Baby Box

Published: Tuesday, 10th September, 2019

Every year around 20 children are born inside a prison in Nepal. Many will remain in prison until their mothers are released.

Incarcerated mothers in Nepal face all the familiar challenges of mothers everywhere, plus a formidable set of additional challenges. Like all mothers, they appreciate kindness and support.  ECDC is sensitive to their particular vulnerabilities and works closely with the Department of Prison Management to address the needs of incarcerated mothers and their infants, and expecting mothers.

ECDC team members met personally with each of these women, providing them a Baby Box heaping with basic baby care items.  Every Baby Box contains basic items and items according to the specific needs of each mother and baby.

All Butterfly Baby Boxes contain high quality, locally made swaddle blankets and a baby mattress, warm clothing or summer t-shirts, and a baby cap, as well as mother and baby hygiene products, and an infant toy or two. All items are made to withstand the harsh conditions of the prison environment. Butterfly Baby Box includes a sturdy wooden box, infant clothing, swaddling blankets, nursery dress, mattress and bedding, personal care items for mom & baby and infant toys. A Butterfly Baby Box, including delivery and a day of training for the mothers, costs $300.

These Baby Boxes do more than provide basic infant care items. In the bleakness of the prison settings, the Butterfly Baby Boxes send a message of compassion and hope.

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