Butterfly Home


Butterfly Home

Published: Tuesday, 10th September, 2019

Every year around 20-25 babies are born inside jails in Nepal.  At this time both the mother and babies need special attention and care which they lack inside the prison. At the time of newborn babies requires warm clothes; bedding, mattress and other personal care items for a healthy upbringing and the mother needs special care and maternal support – something very basic, however, not available inside the prison. ECDC initiated a small project for newly born babies and mothers, the “Butterfly Baby Box” which is comprised of a locally made baby bed, Nepali pure cotton mattress, quilt cover, blanket, 3 sets of Nepali cotton baby Daura Suruwal for babies, knitted sweater from Nuwakot female jail, thyme, reusable diapers, a breastfeeding gown for the mother, reusable cloth pads, mustard oil and dietary supplements for the mother.

ECDC collaborates with the Department of Prison Management to address the situation in the prison and convey the value of this baby box for the newly born child and their mother. Working closely with the Prison Department and prison authorities, and mothers inside the prison. For the implementation of the project, ECDC staff will visit the mother and newly born child in their respective prison and hand over the box to them in presence of the local prison authority.

You can help a mother and a baby with its start in life by sponsoring a baby box for USD 300.

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