Butterfly Integration Scholarship


Butterfly Integration Scholarship

Published: Tuesday, 10th September, 2019

ECDC uses strategies that encourage a strong mother-child bond during the child’s stay at the Butterfly Home, through frequent phone calls between mother and child, monthly letters from the child to the mother, and prison visits as possible.

ECDC is committed to reunifying the child and mother after her release from prison, if it is in the best interest of the child.  Team members meet with the prison authorities and the mother prior to her prison release date and spend time talking with the child, gathering his or her thoughts, wishes and concerns about reuniting.  A plan of action might include such things as having the mother establish herself in accommodations appropriate for a child, locating suitable work, and showcasing stability.

When the mother, the child, the appropriate authorities, and ECDC are comfortable with the child returning to the mother, ECDC continues to monitor the situation and support the child with such things as school tuition, through the Butterfly Reintegration Scholarship. Butterfly Reintegration Scholarships are critical to the work ECDC is doing, as it provides a safety net for the children as they reunite with their mothers. Butterfly Reintegration Scholarships include school tuition and such items as school uniforms, sturdy shoes, and a year’s worth of school supplies.

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