Butterfly Nursery Kit


Butterfly Nursery Kit

Published: Tuesday, 10th September, 2019

Play is essential to development as it encourages creativity, dexterity, and contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of babies and children. Through play, babies engage and interact with the world around them. In fact, the play has been recognized as a basic human right of every child, by the United Nations Commission for Human Rights.

Over 100 babies & young children are living in prison in Nepal with their mothers. These children have no access to toys or books. ECDC developed Butterfly Nursery Kits that include a great selection of toys and supplies for these kids. The Nursery Kits includes a sturdy tin box, soft books, wooden animals, games, and art supplies. A Butterfly Nursery Kit, including delivery and a day of training for the mothers, costs $500. Team members distribute such kits to the 54 prisons in Nepal that are housing young children and spend a day showing the mothers how to use and care for the toys and supplies. Team members do follow-up visits to ensure the items are being used properly, and to resupply items as needed.

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