As The Early Childhood Development Center has continued to grow and expand over the past years, Pushpa has started looking to the program’s future, and the future of the children. In first 10 years, ECDC has had to move between 3 different buildings, uprooting their lifestyle and the children’s newfound sense of stability each time.

With the prize money from the CNN Hero of the year award, Pushpa’s dream of building a permanent home for the children of ECDC finally came true. In 2013, land was purchased near the school the kids attend and designs were drawn up.

The Butterfly Home will consist of separate girls and boys quarters, complete with a medical room and a library, where all the children can live happily and with enough room to expand Pushpa’s work in the future. Adhering to government standards, the houses and grounds will include facilities and ramps for wheelchairs to navigate comfortably around the home.

To keep maintenance costs manageable in these bigger facilities, power supplies will be supported by solar technology and an own kitchen and bakery will ensure that food can be served 3 times a day to the children.


The Butterfly Home was set to become a permanent home for the ECDC in the Fall of 2015, when a massive earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, destroying 60% of the structure. Much of the almost completed buildings had to be removed, statics need to be analyzed and new plans for fortified, more earthquake resistant building methods were put in place. However, the funds for the construction had been depleted and Pushpa had little hope of finishing this home any time soon.
During a time of aftershocks and onsetting raining season the children slept in tents outdoors while Pushpa garnered support to raise additional funds.
In a turn of fate, the German organization BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder” decided to help and fund the rebuilding of the Butterfly Home, enabling a planned move into the new facilities by the end of 2015.


As the organization matures, children also have grown up and graduate from school. Pushpa is already planning to find a way to support her “graduates” through a hostel program nearby, where the children can remain part of the ECDC family, yet gain their independence.