Story Education

Published: Friday, 10th May, 2019

The children at ECDC have their parents so ECDC / Nepal Government believes that the children they serve at some point of time after their parents release needs to be reunited with the and reintegrated back to the society. In the span of 13 years more than 180 children have been reintegrated with their parents by ECDC.  

Once parents are out from the prison the parents need time for healing and setting down for new beginning which takes time. They face financial issues and have difficult time adjusting back to the society. So we work closely with the parents alongside and during the reintegration phase ECDC supports the child’s education where we enroll them in the school for the education continuity.

We have seen that due to financial burden the children are dropped out of school so through our Butterfly Scholarship education support is being supported to nearly 15 children at present.