Story Health

Published: Friday, 10th May, 2019

The growing children need to have a well balance diet for the growth. The children inside the prison lack these and they tend to be malnourished which affects their health. ECDC has started an initiative at the Ilam Prison from Aug 2014 onwards where we supported 4 children living with their mothers with nutrition diet every month. Since there are many more children inside the prison we wanted to replicate this project to prisons all over Nepal.

Under this initiative we are providing almost 100 children below 5 with daily 2 meals diet every month for a year which consist of rice and bean as the dietary supplement. We make 6 kg package per child per month which will include 3 kg each of rice & 3 kg of mixed beans and with coordination with the respective prisons at the beginning of each month through means of transportation and courier we send the packages to the respective prisons. For the small infants we are also providing them with milk support to the children.