About Our Supporters


The ECDC family is extremely grateful for the generous support of its donors. Their commitment to the cause and their continued support to ECDC are invaluable.

  • The Glasswaters Foundation, a registered Canadian charity, supports ECDC’s daily operational costs including food, school supplies, clothing, and much more.
  • Shikshya Foundation Nepal, a registered Nepalese Non- Profit financially supports the education of 23 girls currently living in ECDC and attending a private school in the community.
  • Sundar Sansar, a registered Nepalese Non Profit supports medical care costs for the children of ECDC.

Individual Donations
There are numerous individuals and organizations that have believed in ECDCs mission, and have made noteworthy one time contributions. We are forever touched by their compassion to make a difference.

Fund Raising Campaigns
In the United States:

  • Babies Behind Bars, a student organization at The George Washington University, supports ECDC by raising awareness for the cause, and fundraising for the Butterfly Home Residential Project.
  • The TC Williams High School DECA Club supports the work of Babies Behind Bars and ECDC through fundraising within their network of business students in Alexandria, Virginia.
  • Growing beyond Bars a US-based fundraising campaign by Bishow Paudel raised $5,000 to support the children’s education.