Butterfly Home Project


ECDC currently uses a rented building for the residential home. For future stability, we are building a permanent residential home in Kathmandu. The Butterfly home will have a big plot of land and two two-story buildings for boys and girls, a volunteer house and office rooms.

As The Early Childhood Development Center has continued to grow and expand over the past 6 years, Pushpa has started looking to the program’s future, and the future of the children. In the past 5 years, ECDC has had to move between 3 different buildings, uprooting their lifestyle and the children’s newfound sense of stability. If anything happens to Pushpa, the children will all be sent back to live at the jails, and they will lose the chance of gaining an education.

ECDC needs a permanent residence, a long-term establishment where children will be able to live for years to come. Our vision is to build a permanent residential home just outside Kathmandu is in the process of coming true: The Butterfly Home will consist of separate girls and boys quarters, complete with a medical room and a library, where all the children can live happily and with enough room to expand Pushpa’s work in the future.

Owning a piece of land and building a permanent residence will sustain The Early Childhood Development Center in the future. Thinking long-term for the children and the organization, owning a residential home will provide a foundation for ECDC to build upon. When the costs of renting a house are eliminated from the budget, more capital will be available to bring new children into the residential home and out of prison life. ECDC will become a sustainable organization with a foundation for the future. There will still be hope for the futures of these children, and by serving them we will restore the opportunities they did not have in prison.

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