In 2005, Pushpa founded The Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC), a registered non-profit in Nepal. At first, ECDC took care of 5 children under the age of 6. ECDC would care for these children during the day but return them to their mothers at night. “Maintaining this attachment with the mother, especially at this age, is imperative,” Pushpa said.

Seven years later, Pushpa runs a residential home and kindergarten program for children ages 2 through 17. ECDC has provided alternative residence, school enrollment, nutritious meals, medical care, and a nurturing home for over 100 children.

Through a grant from Change Fusion Nepal, Pushpa started a program to teach incarcerated mothers income-generating activities. Mothers work inside the prisons to create handicrafts and Waldorf dolls that can be sold to support ECDC.

ECDC does more than enroll the children in private schools and provide routine medical check-ups. Pushpa strives to create an atmosphere of innovation and excitement at the residential home. The children take classes with local entrepreneurs and volunteers, learning painting, yoga, music, gardening, documentary film making, languages, and computers.

“It is not just about you living, you have to try to make your world a better place,” said Pushpa. “If I give them good education and everything, tomorrow there will be less crime. They won’t be facing the same thing that their parents are facing. These children have opportunities because they are educated.”