Message From Founder

Dear friends,

I am writing to you today in hopes that you, like I, will see the injustice these children are facing. To be blunt, they are being punished for a crime despite their obvious innocence.

Even in Nepal, the plight of the imprisoned children is relatively unknown. I first learned about this issue while on a trip to a jail in Kathmandu as part of my course for a degree in social service. Inside one cell I noticed a small girl and exclaimed, “What is a child doing in prison?” She stared at me listlessly; her eyes seemed to plead for freedom. After that emotional encounter, I made it my mission to look after these children. Thirty-seven children now call me “Pushpa Mummy,” and I am devoted to them. Where social justice has failed them, love will not abandon.

The work of ECDC is growing in new and exciting ways. Where before we could only provide day services, we now have a residential home thanks to compassionate donors and increased fundraising efforts. We hope to develop even further to help not only the children in Kathmandu prisons but others throughout Nepal.

Please join us on this journey to help children realize a brighter future, where innocence is preserved and their own justice served.

Pushpa Basnet