Contribute Supplies

For donors and sponsors living in Nepal; we appreciate all in kind donations including clothing, school supplies, toys and games, dry groceries etc. We request that all donations be delivered to our residential home in Kathmandu when possible.
If you wish to send supplies through post, please mark the package as“CHILDREN’S SUPPLIES” or “CHILDREN’S BOOKS”. This helps notify Customs of the contents.

For packages, Please send to:
Early Childhood Development Center
P.O .Box 2108
Kathmandu, Nepal


ECDC’s Wishlist:
- Used Car to drive kids to doctors.
- Trampoline
- Microscope for older children taking biology
- LCD Projector
- Tent for camping trips
- Books, toys, and craft supplies
- Voice recorder
- Solar Panels for Butterfly Home
- Lanterns with hand-cranks and reusable batteries
- Oven
- 40 Rain coats
- 40 Pairs of rain boots
- Educational Materials
School bags : Thank you Bridgewater State University for Providing them.