Please help with IMMEDIATE RELIEF for Pushpa and the children of ECDC.

Pushpa and the children are safe but they are in desperate need of supplies including food, water, shelter and medical supplies. Your donation will go directly to ECDC and bring immediate relief.

Our heart goes out to all of Nepal during this tragic moment. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

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American Donors –¬†Utopia Foundation
Nepal Donors — Send Checks to ECDC’s address below.
 International Donors РClick Here

Your support will help our children grow and thrive.
The Early Childhood Development Center is working to build a permanent residential home in Kathmandu. We currently rent a building for children to live outside the prisons but are planning on building a 5-story residential home to provide a stable home for long term care.

Buy a brick and every brick will have a story! Donate $50 today to buy a brick for The Butterfly Home.

The building will include a medical room, library, bedrooms, kitchen, and much more. It will give us a place to continue our many projects, including art classes, our garden, photography classes and dance. Your donation will go directly to building the Butterfly Home unless otherwise specified.
Donations can also be directed towards operational costs such as school tuition and supplies, medical care, and clothing for our children.
We are able to provide information to facilitate a wire transfer from foreign bank accounts which may be useful for supporters making larger donations towards the residential home. For this information, please e-mail our team at

Donors in Canada, can directly make a donation to Glasswaters Foundation.  Canadian Tax receipts are available through them.

For donors in Nepal, checks can be sent directly to The Early Childhood Development Center and mailed to our PO Box in Kathmandu
Early Childhood Development Center
PO Box 2108
Kathmandu, Nepal

*We prefer financial donations to those of clothing or school supplies, as the cost of shipping those materials is often greater than the cost of buying them in Kathmandu. If you live in Nepal and wish to donate supplies please visit our Supply section