We are always happy to have volunteers visit our residential home and day care center, especially when they have a specific activity or skill to teach our children. We are looking for volunteers to teach English and computers, art and drawing.

We are limited to taking volunteers when the children’s school schedule permits vacation time, so please let us know the possible dates of your visit and we will work to coordinate with you. We can also only host up to three volunteers maximum at one time.

We are working to develop specific volunteer projects and requirements, and we will provide these details as they become available.

While we can’t provide living accommodations for volunteers, volunteers can pay $30 USD per day to lodge with a host family, which is a 10 minute walk from ECDC. This includes tea, lunch, dinner, internet facilities, and hot water.

If you are only interested in coming for a short site visit as opposed to an extended stay, please contact us and we will try to arrange a visit.

We would also like to see your references, related experience, and a short essay about why you want to volunteer.

Please click here to fill the volunteer application form.