The ECDC family is extremely thankful to the Glasswaters Foundation for supporting us since 2008. Read how it all started.

IMG_1892‘When we were having a hard time and nobody trusted us or had faith in what we were doing for these lovely kids, they were there for us.

We must have been brought together by fate. It was a funny incident how Melanie didi* and I (Pushpa) got connected. My older brother Puskar and his newly wedded wife were coming back from their honeymoon from Bali when they sat next to you on the plane. He told you about my story during the flight and you were interested to meet me and visit us.
After his return my brother told me about you and that you were looking for a new partner to support new kids in Nepal. I was very excited and gave you a call early in the morning in your hotel room. I did not realize that you were coming back from a very long travel and were quite jet lagged. When I talked to you, you told me to call you in afternoon. I was so scared to call you again.

IMG_1897When you visited us and told us that you and Glasswaters Foundation will support us, I cried because you believed in us and gave us so much hope for the future.’

Until today, Glasswaters Foundations supports the ECDC monthly with a generous amount to help cover running costs. But most of all it is a very special journey we share with Glasswaters Foundation Nepal and Melanie didi.
Thank you so much for being part of our journey.


ECDC family and Pushpa



*The word ‘didi’ means ‘sister’ in Nepali, and that’s what Melanie truly is for us: family.


For more information on the Glasswaters Foundation and Melanie’s last visit at ECDC