New Blankets

We need to buy new blankets for all the children

Quantity: 45

New Mattresses

We need to buy new mattresses for the children

Quantity: 45

Better Food

A bigger food budget for the coming year would allow for us to add more meat to the children’s diet. As it is, they have chicken once a week but are otherwise vegetarian. We would love for our youngest, growing children to have more protein in their diet.

Field Trip

We would love to be able to bring the children on a special trip outside Kathmandu. This donation would go directly to covering the costs associated, including transport, tickets, and buying food along the way

A Scholarship fund for our graduating students

A School Bus for our kids

Our dream is to have a 24-seater yellow bus for our children. Currently we have no bus to take them around, and have to transport them in groups in our private cars. For many reasons, including it being the law, it’s better to transport groups of children in vehicles that are marked as carrying children.

Vegetable Green House

Wooden Bunk Bed

Endowment Fund