Every child deserves to play, to have a childhood. Imagine a toddler growing up in prison. With no access to a kindergarten or appropriate environments for a child. In Nepal, most prisons do not provide any toys or education material. Playing, drawing, reading… things we take for granted in a childhood are simply not part of their life.

For various reasons, the Early Childhood Development Center cannot take in all children that are in prisons in Nepal. Currently, there are 103 mostly very young children still incarcerated with a parent. To help those children with their development we have designed the Butterfly Nursery Kit – a selection of educational toys and supplies which can aid these children in their development and ensure they are mentally and physically challenged. The aim of this kit is to help those kids to not fall too far behind their peers and enable the development of age appropriate skills.

Our aim is to distribute a Butterfly Nursery Kit to each of the 74 prisons across Nepal that currently house one or more children. To facilitate the understanding of the importance of play and education in early childhood development, the Butterfly Nursery Kit will be delivered by our own staff, who will spend 2 days educating the mother(s) on how to use the toys, books and educational materials.

Furthermore, we will plan follow-up visits to evaluate the progress the children have made, check the proper use of the equipment and replace items that have degraded too much.

This project is currently in the pilot phase. The items for the kit have been selected and the first Butterfly Nursery Kits have been pledged for.

We are now looking for more donors that would like to sponsor a Nursery Kit for the value of US$ 550, which covers the box, the materials as well as the personal delivery and 2 days of instructions to the parents.

As a token of appreciation we will engrave your name on the metal chest.

For questions please email admin@ecdcnepal.org



Nursery Kits financed so far: 3

Nursery Kits still needed: 71