The children living at the ECDC residential Butterfly Home eat well. The ECDC team prepares healthy, delicious meals together with the children, often with produce from their own vegetable garden on the lower terrace.

Unfortunately, the children who continue to live with their incarcerated parent do not receive well prepared, tasty and nutritious meals.  Sadly, these children often don’t get an adequate amount of daily calories.  Combined with the stress, deprivation, and limited access to quality primary care, these children are particularly at risk.

Therefore, the ECDC Mother & Child Prison Nutrition Project supports the children and their mothers in 34  prisons in Nepal, through a Starter Kit and Monthly Delivery.

For only $20 (US dollars) per month, you can make a world of difference to a hungry child!

Starter Kit

Pressure Cooker, Storage Container, and 3kg mixed beans and rice

Monthly Delivery

Beans and rice are replenished on a monthly basis, and milk on an as-needed basis.

Thank you! Your gift will make a tremendous difference in the life of these children and their mothers.