Residential home is built in 2600 sq. mt of land. It has separate wings for boys and girls, built with differently abled friendly spaces. Residential home consists of a mid- sized study room, entertainment hall, kitchen cum dining, open playground and small out door auditorium.

The buildings have back up solar lighting system and is focused on proper waste management and maintaining utmost level of sanitation and hygiene.


Children in residential home are provided with the balanced diet food with seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are also provided with the regular medical services and treatments per need.


The elder children in ECDC are enrolled in several skill enhancement trainings such as cooking, bakery, and vocational skills. Likewise, they are also involved in extra curricular activities such as arts , handicraft making.

Our residential home ‘Butterfly Home’ provides a conducive environment to support children’s growth and development by enhancing their overall development – socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually which may not be possible inside the jail. To sum up, ECDC is an organization that works to take care of children whose lives are influenced or affected by the hemisphere of the penal system.

Once the children enter the ‘Butterfly Home’, they get enrolled in a public/private school and receive all the security, care, and health attention necessary for proper emotional and physical development. Moreover, their basic needs are all met here. We teach children irrespective of their ages to live like a family and for this we divide the children in small groups where elder children share the responsibility of taking care of younger ones. Rather than focusing only on academic studies, we teach children also to take part in daily chores so that they can learn to bear responsibility and hard work skills that will be necessary for them in future. This, however, does not mean that the children are exploited. Besides, children are offered special coaching on different subjects, sports and interest areas to meet their different special needs.

At the Residential Home, the children are provided with nutritious healthy food comprising balanced diet along with seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. They also have regular medical checkup and treatments as per need. Once a year the children are taken to meet their parents at the prison and they can stay with their parents for a couple of days or even weeks. Since many of the children are from outside the Kathmandu. valley it is difficult for them to meet their parents on a regular basis. Therefore, during the month long vacation usually at Dashain and Tihar festivals, the children are taken to meet with their parents and celebrate the festivals. Provisions are also there for children to visit their parents and celebrate other festivals based on their (parents’) religious beliefs.

Every month, the children themselves organize a combined birthday party and ECDC also organizes an outing to parks, zoo, etc. 2-3 times a year where the children can enjoy themselves. For the elder ones, we take them to hiking and residential tours. The elder children are also enrolled in several skill enhancement skills training such as cooking, bakery, vocational skills like electrician, carpentry, etc. The children have lots of options at the Butterfly Home, they participate in extra-curriculum activities. One of the successful sports participation has been Taekwondo for our children. The children also participate in various competition and always come home with several medals and best team awards. Besides this, the children also have Classical Guitar classes, Chariya (Traditional) dance, Art, Handicraft and Sewing activities, too.