Story Biraj’s Story

Published: Tuesday, 10th September, 2019

At first Mamu said us now U kids are going to learn paint in painting class. Paul uncle come to teach us. Painting class. In that time we don’t no how to do painting and how to use painting colour. We only no how to use pencil colour. But other children has bad luck because they go to home. But only Nine kids take painting class we are very lucky to take painting class. They after tomorrow we are learning how make mask. After some day we go to Dream of Garden in there we make so many painting. The paints are very beautyful. They after tomorrow we make very nice painting in that day, I make so many birds painting. In that day, I am so happy because, I make very nice painting and I know how to do painting. Day after tomorrow we are going to take photo grafe class. Day after tomorrow we are going to take photo graph class. Paul uncle buy a two camera. For our photograph class. We go to Baudha to clicking photo. After one week we go to clicking photo in the hills in there we click so many photo the place was very beautyful. Now we have sand the painting for painting compptiction the person who wind they get ten thousand rupess.