Story Laxmi’s Story

Published: Tuesday, 10th September, 2019

On Tuesday, two uncle and one auntie from UK has came in our home to give us special training on documentry making. We all were vey happy and excited to work on that. But one the Uncle was Nepali. All together we were 16 children to learn. We introduce each other. Before starting the training we played the game called Seven Up. And we divide in three groups. Each group draw the picture and write to present their ideas or thoughts, But at the time of representing we all had wrote about E.C.D.C. Our ideas were almost same. So, we all decide to make and our life before and now in E.C.D.C. 

First we made list and draw the pictures that we are joining to shoot.

We hardly prepare all the thing and in next day we task interview with Mamu. We had made the Questions and we asked her Questions everything us done by us. But while taking video Uncle helped us To make more intersting in our documentry we add some our extra activities like dancing, singing, B-boying etc. We took interview with our three friends. We  made our documentry very nicely. Our documentry is about 30 minutes. We are very happy that every one can watch it. We learned many new things.

Thank you Uncle and auntie and specially to Mamu for giving us such opportunities.