Children grow fast and each month we provide them with everything they need: clothes, shoes, school uniforms, nutritious and healthy meals, healthcare, music or sports lessons.

By sponsoring a child through the Sponsor A Child Plan you will create a better future for your sponsored child, his / her family and the entire community. Also, a year long sponsorship program helps us to manage costs and funding much more easily.


What is the Sponsor A Child Plan and what makes it different?

Our Sponsor a Child Plan is a personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a child, family and community. What makes it different from other typical sponsorship programs are the following distinguishing features:

  • You, as a sponsor, commit to support a specific child for long term.
  • Selected basic details of the sponsored child during the time period of your sponsorship will be provided to you (sponsor). However, certain personal details such as his/her family background, family photos or the, family residential address  will not be shared with the sponsor.
  • The sponsor will get a progress report of his / her sponsored child 4 times in a year.
  • You, as a sponsor, will also be able to know and monitor the child’s progress and performance.
  • We do not allow sponsors to not send personalized gifts.
  • When you sponsor a child you are not only helping them, but in a ripple effect way, you are changing an entire community by giving its children the best opportunities for a stable and fruitful life. The sense of responsibility and attachment obtained through this unique plan will make your personalized sponsorship experience even more rewarding and blessed.

How does Sponsor A Child Plan work?

The concept of the Sponsor A Child Plan is that of the indirect link between an individual donor / sponsor or supporter and an inmates’ children. ECDC makes certain commitments  in how the child and sponsor will be partners in the process of their empowerment, how this process will be carried out, what rights will be ensured for children and the sponsor, what funds are being raised and how they are spent and what changes the program will seek to bring about in their lives. In general, it will work in the following way:

  • You sign up for sponsoring a child for at least one year (USD 1,500 per year as one-time payment)  
  • A child from our institution is assigned to your name for help and support.
  • Certain details such as age, gender, grade / class of study will be provided to the sponsor.

Sponsoring a child is definitely not like adopting a child. The child you sponsor will have a family of their own, but sponsors play an important role in the eyes of the child and the community.


What does the Sponsor A Child Plan cover?
In general and in most cases, it will cover all the basic and essential expenses such as those incurred for school / hostel fees, accommodation and / or living expenses, books, food, clothing / uniform, medicines / healthcare and miscellaneous activities such as classical guitar class, taekwondo, visiting to their mother once a year during Dashain, group picnics, hiking, trekking, celebrating birthday etc.


How do I sign up? 

Please send us an email to for us to discuss details, terms and conditions and the sponsorship agreement.