We are happy to have volunteers to help at our residential home and contribute their skills.

Most of the time, the children spend their time at school or attend activities organized by local staff and instructors. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers to contribute their skills around the house, such as handiwork, gardening, cooking and baking or computer work.

Example volunteer options:

– Once or twice a week: Computer skills. Update our website, Twitter, Instagram.
– Once a week or on a 2-3 week project: Baking/Cooking. Show us new recipes and cook for the kids.
– Once or twice a week: Gardening. Regularly tend to our vegetable garden, mow the lawns and water the plants.
– 2-3 week project: Construction/handiwork. There is always something to do around the house, build new shelving or other necessary work.

For projects that require you to only be present at ECDC once or twice a week, we’d ask a minimum commitment of 3-6 months.


How to apply:

If you would like to volunteer, please send us a detailed proposal containing the below information to admin@ecdcnepal.org :
– Nationality, Place of Residence
– Age & Gender
– CV
– Duration and frequency of availibity
– Project description & reason for volunteering at ECDC
– References


If you are only interested in coming for a short site visit as opposed to an extended stay, please contact us and we will try to arrange a visit.


First hand experience report from our volunteer MARI POTTER

“I became a part of the Butterfly Home family during my month of volunteering at ECDC. I was included in daily routines like walking the children to-and-from school, working on numerous arts and crafts projects together, playing games and practicing yoga with the children. I was respected and welcomed by Pushpa, the staff, and all of the children at ECDC, which made me feel needed and useful. I learned a lot about Nepali culture through all the warm interactions with the staff, the children and my host family. I know that my time at the Butterfly Home was being used in a very important way, and I can’t wait to go back!”